About Kubias

The foundations of the company were laid in 1996 when we were granted a trade license they started a business in the forge in Plačice. We dealt with horse shoeing, blacksmithing and locksmith production.

In 1998, we produced the first pieces of obstacles for horses. The first stands were all-metal. We started to supply them with the first wooden barriers (for interest – metal stand No. 2 from our offer, we have been producing unchanged since 1999).

In 2003 , we purchased the first carpentry machines and expanded our offer to include wooden barriers .

In 2007 , the space in the Plačická smithy was already insufficient, so we decided to buy the former cowshed building in Sedlice and move the production of barriers there. Only the production of metal components remained in the forge. Larger spaces allowed us to buy more carpentry machines, thanks to which we expanded the offer of obstacle material.

In 2016, we acquired the first CNC router for cutting shapes from plywood. In 2017, we expanded our production to include products made of ALU material. In 2019, production was further expanded by a powder paint shop, to which a wet paint shop with high-pressure spraying equipment was added in 2020. In the future, we are planning further investments in obstacle production technology.

We are proud that during the operation of Kubias we have been constantly improving quality, expand the range and ensure the longevity of our goods.

The award for our efforts is to meet our products not only in the Czech and European arena, but also in such parts of the world as Canada or Australia.

Materials and processing technologies

We use a wide range of materials for our obstacles, from metal, solid wood, wood plywood, ALU profiles to plastic components.

Either central palisades or glued Euro-prisms are used to make barriers.

We are constantly working to improve production. The most modern machines are used for this.

Today we use CNC machining cutter for perfect cutting of required shapes.

We are self – sufficient in the production of aluminum barriers material separation, welding up to the surface treatment in our own powder coating plant.

We use high-pressure spraying equipment for wood surface treatment.

We import paints for obstacles from German suppliers. We mix shades of colors ourselves. The advantage is the preparation of any color in the required amount.

We use only the best certified materials with regard to their safety.